A lawyer needs to evolve with the changing times.

This can help.


Having problems with managing the herculean pile of documents in your office?

Do you keep forgetting where you wrote that extremely importance piece of information for a case?

You’re not alone if you face problems like these.

In today’s world, it is imperative that lawyer’s are tech savvy. Law and technology go hand in hand. The practice of a lawyer is incomplete in absence of some essential gadgets. Apart from the mainstream Laptops and tablets, this post provides some not-so-well-known gadgets that would prove to be indispensable to some lawyers.

         1.Fujistu ScanSnap iX500

ScanSnap wireless scanner take the complication out of scanning with one-button ease of use. It is perfect for scanning a large stack of papers. The scanned file gets sent to your computer/phone automatically and can then be sent to the cloud.

Image:Fujitsu Scansnap ix500

Using this, lawyers can go paperless. Keep a database of all documents using this handy scanner. More can be found out here.         

2. Iris Pen Scanner

This pen scanner can be slided over printed text/numbers from any material, be it newspaper, magazine, bills, letters etc. and the scanned text will automatically be retyped on your computer. This can even recognize signatures or small graphics. After scanning, the material can be translated to over 40 languages.

This pen can be more useful than the Elder Wand. Know more about this here.


Image:Iris Pen Scanner

         3.  Livescribe Smartpen

Calling this pen “smart” would be an understatement. The word we’re looking for is “genius”. With this pen, you never lose whatever you write. It doesn’t matter WHAT you wrote! This pen uses Bluetooth technology to send everything you write to your smartphone/tablet/desktop. It can record anything  and link conversations and connect them to notes or documents that you write. The information can be shared through Evernote, Google Docs and social network portals, thus making it even more handy. Know more about this pen here.

LiveScribe Smartpen

         4. Wacom Bamboo Tablet

Just plug this tablet into any computer and reviewing briefs or depositions is much easier. The tablets use a pen or stylus, but can also be used with finger pressure. Lawyers can use this to write, draw any document or picture and obviates the need to print out heaps of paper in order to edit the document. Collaboration with clients or colleagues is therefore made much easier. Read more about this here.


Wacom Bamboo Tablet

         5. Encrypted Flash Drives

An encrypted flash drive, would keep client’s data secure while allowing a lawyer to have access to data while on the go. Most of these encrypted drives can only be unlocked by a special key, making them secure enough that you do not have to worry about sensitive information going in the wrong hands. Now, don’t worry about the pendrive being lost or stolen.

One such flash drive is the Kingston Data Traveler 4000. Read about this here.

Encrypted Flash Drives

         6. Portable Projectors

Worried about exceeding the weight limit for your business trip or running short of space but still aren’t sure if the client you’re going to meet would have a projector? With mini projectors you can still make a awe inspiring presentation with a hardware that fits into your pocket.  Check out different projectors here.

Image:Projector Archives

         7. Sony Digital Paper System

A lawyer’s work requires a lot of reading, and believe us when we say it is A LOT!! Sony’s Digital Paper is compelling and highly relevant to those professionals who remain overwhelmed with paper, and to public and private institutions that continue to generate large quantities of documents during their routine operations. It uses e-ink technology which makes it feel as if you have a normal paper in hand. Handwriting recognition is also supported and the writing experience is akin to that of writing on any other paper. Read and annotate documents, create “sticky notes” and highlights, and upload documents wirelessly from Digital Paper making them available for archiving or sharing with colleagues. Read more about this here.

Imags: Sony


Another alternative to the Sony Digital Paper System is the Kindle. Though it lacks the note making facilities that Sony provides, it nonetheless is an amazing device for reading purposes. Read more about this here.

Image;Amazon Kindle


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