Imagine ODR?

Imagine the new face of Indian Justice System.

Do you have a family dispute? Or a live-in relationship matter? Some medical or workplace dispute?  
But you don’t want to go to the court?  

Don’t worry, We have THE solution.

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There is no denial that the idea of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is thrilling to the core. It changes the complete face of our Indian Justice System.

But imagination is the first step towards making an idea a reality.

So let’s imagine.

Imagine you have a legal dispute with your employer. You found a great new job but your old employer is not releasing your final salary. You need it urgently. There is some conflict over the contractual terms.

By the way, such kinds of employment disputes, ranging from unfair dismissals to harassment at workplaces to various issues related to contractual terms are filed every day in our courts. The Central Government Industrial Tribunal-cum-Labour Courts (CGITs) has seen a gradual increase in such cases being filed due to growing awareness of labour laws.

Anyway, you don’t want to bear the hassle of taking the employer to the court. Get the right lawyer, pay the hefty fees, go through the tedious application procedure, get over with the preliminaries, wait for the court date and then wait a little more.

Of course, you don’t want to go through these cumbersome court processes. In today’s world who has the time, boss?

BUT you want your problem to be resolved easily.
So imagine a little more.

  • There is a website called “”. You log onto that and describe your problem.
  • The website contacts the employer, requesting to resolve this problem through mediation. By the way, mediation is an extremely effective alternate dispute resolution method. In fact, 60 percent of cases in Delhi are resolved through mediation.
  • On the acceptance of request, a professional mediator is appointed by the website. You can see all his/her details on the website. He/She will also upload an introductory video. Just to give it a personal touch.
  • The mediator will call you and guide you through the whole procedure of mediation.
  • The facilities of audio/tele/video conferencing, emails etc are all integrated within the website. The mediator can use any of these to communicate with you as per your convenience. All nice and easy.

(Online Mediation in Action)

Image: Live E-Mediation
  • You/Your employer can upload the documents and any other evidence. The website will take the responsibility of verifying their validity.
  • The mediator will hear to both parties, facilitate discussions and provide guidance to reach a consensus.
  • Once the parties reach a consensus, a settlement agreement will be drafted by the mediator. This settlement agreement will be in the form of a contract and be legally binding.
  • And your problem is solved. Without even stepping out of your house.

(Online mediation is also effective for family disputes)

Image:On Line Divorce Mediation

Websites like,,  have already made this imagination a reality in countries like USA, UK, Australia etc.  People there can resolve disputes without going to courts. Justice is easier and more accessible there.

Someday, it will happen in India.

We need to imagine. Fast.

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