A lawyer's life is hard.

These apps can provide some simplification.

          1. Clio

Clio has the features you would expect: contacts, matters, calendar, task manager, timekeeping, billing, and a secure client portal. Clio has basic billing and accounting (including trust accounting). It has Android and iOS compatibility as well. Now you can effortlessly keep track of your cases, pending fee, billable hours and loads of other stuff.
Visit the website here.

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Most lawyers still use emails to communicate with their clients, which is not encrypted and is susceptible to being read by others.

Lawyers need a way to communicate securely with clients. A properly-configured communication portal like MyCase is a great way to get away from email for confidential communications. This also provides billing facilities, contacts, calendars etc.

Visit the website here.



          3. Box

Box is an online file collaboration system where you can create, edit, and store documents, and it wants lawyers as users. Since 2013, it has courted the legal industry in response to Dropbox’s predominance. Even the United States Department of Justice uses Box for file sharing.

Visit the website here.



          4. Page Vault

You see a webpage which has some information infringing the copyright of your client. But you are apprehensive that it might be removed by the time you report it. What other option do have to gather evidence? You can “save” the page or get a screenshot. However, we have a better option.

Page vault is a new software which resolves the issue of authentication and provides storage space for critical documents derived from a URL. There can be no tampering of the saved page. The “capture” is identical to the URL site and the web page evidence cannot be altered.

Visit the website here.


          5. Slack

In a nutshell (which would be an injustice), Slack is a platform that puts collaborative, synchronous communication in one place, with the capacity to share files, search powerfully, and get important communication out of email. It is the launched by Microsoft, thus adding another great software to their list.

Visit the website here.


          6. Citrix ShareFile

CItrix ShareFile provides solutions for firms of all sizes. The web-based system allows a person to store, encrypt, and share files with your clients, co-counsel, opposing counsel and other persons. You can set your folders, files and user access individually or in bulk. The folders can even be separated for internal and external uses and you can specifically decide who sees what and when.

Visit the website here

Image: Citrix Share File


          7. Evernote

Evernote is a beast. It is a note taking application. You can use it to store ideas, recordings, projects, tasks, images etc. The clip feature comes handy when you want to use a piece of information for later. You can offload your brain and organize your life using this app. It is so useful that there is a book on how lawyers should use Evernote. Check it here

Visit the website here.


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