The “Suljhao, Magar Pyaar Se” blog series highlights the weekly notes of Sama, while designing dispute systems that promote a collaborative approach and leverages technology.


The 5 stages of recovering from conflict are-

Denial- conflicts are like mirrors, exposes your own weaknesses,

Acceptance- accept the possibility that you are part of the problem,

Sacrifice- not mandatory to have a change of heart

Leap of Faith- movement

Renewal/Healing- It does not mean as good as before the conflict-but better, more wholesome, more compassionate, better beings. If you have such a fundamental change, it is less likely that you face the same conflict again in life. But if not, the conflict will keep returning.


In 60 minutes, 50,000+ Online Lok Adalat awards were generated on the Sama platform. Furthermore, 4 lakh cases were filed in an hour.  Also, when working at scale, it is important to minimize the human element as much as possible. One error in inputting data can have a huge impact.

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